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"Xoclad is a high-end pastry and confectionery shop located in the Mayan Riviera. In a place bustling with tourist activity, Xoclad needed to communicate the area’s strong Mayan culture in a classy way that could never be called cliché or tacky. First, we gave its name a visual and phonetic pre-hispanic feeling that also conveyed one of the shop’s prime products: chocolate. Then we designed a labyrinth-like pattern reminiscent of antique mayan art and architecture ornamentation. The color palette consigns the brand with a sober, clean feeling that makes it modern and sweet."

Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education.

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The Magazine Table is a portable unit for holding your magazines and offering valuable table space. Designed by Axel Bjurström to resemble a dolly, the unit uses the added weight to gain stability.

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Representations Cynthia Greig 

On these photographs by Cynthia Greig everyday objects, with the help of whitewash and charcoal,  photographed against a white background, transform from three-dimensional still lifes to charcoal drawings.

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The Workbed by Mira Schröder [source]

Part of BLESS's No. 33 Artistcare collection

Photographed by Marlen Mueller via Freunde von Freunden

Transformable and flexible furniture is very actual because many of us live in small apartments where there’s a lack of space. Mira Schröder, exhibition designer for experimental design group BLESS, created a unique furniture piece – a piece of furniture that flips from spacious desk into an instant bed. The Workbed’s mattress is unveiled by a rotating mechanism. Sheets are specially designed to latch to the underside of the table when it is turned upside down. It’s a perfect solution for small, urban living, it’s also ideal for offering nap options in a work setting. Work and then if you need – just take a nap after transforming the desk into the bed – it’s easy and comfortable!

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